Fax to Email Service - Fax by Email
Fax to Email Services -Internet Faxing let you send and receive fax by Email.Low-cost email and fax services to send fax by email to fax machine and free receive fax email.

Advantages of Internet Fax over Traditional Fax.

What is Internet Fax, advantages of Internet Fax over traditional fax.

Internet Fax uses the internet and email to receive and send faxes.It is called fax to email service.
Traditional faxing involves sending a scanned copy of a document (a facsimile) from one fax machine to another, over the phone network. Internet faxing (or email fax) is a general term which can refer to one of several methods of achieving this over the Internet - with a goal of both reduced costs and increased functionality over traditional faxing.

Advantages of using the Internet Fax compare to traditional fax.

1. No extra telephone line required for the fax
2. Paperless communication, integrated with email
3. Send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously
4. Reduction in phone costs

An Internet fax service allows one to send faxes from a computer via an Internet connection, thanks to a Web interface usually available on the supplier's Web site.

This technology has many advantages:

--> No fax machine: - no maintenance, no paper, toner expenditure, possible repairs, etc.

--> Mobility: - All actions are done on the Web interface; the service is thus available from any computer connected to Internet, everywhere in the world.

--> Confidentiality :- The faxes are received directly on the account of the user; he is the only one who can access it. The received faxes are not likely to be lost any more or read by the wrong people.

--> No installation of software or hardware :- All actions are done on the Web interface of the supplier, on the account of the user.

--> No telephone subscription for an additional line dedicated to the fax.

-->Many faxes can be sent or received simultaneously, and faxes can be received while the computer is switched off.